Academic Department

          Wishing you all Mingalarpar!

Academic Department welcome to the students who have the chance to attend the GTI(Chauk).

          Academic Department is teaching Myanmar, English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry Subjects. Students are taught English Subjects from Year I to Year III. Students are taught  Mathematics from Year I to Year II. Besides, students must study Physics and Chemistry subjects by practical and literature in Year I.

          For combating youth labour in Myanmar, we are planning to teach occasionally Polytech Course. From English and Chemistry Subjects to young people who have between the age of 14 and 18.

          Welcome to all the students who attend the class!


          To produce and train proficiency human resources continuously for supporting to Human Economic Development.

1Daw Yin Yin AyeAssociate ProfessorM.A(TEFL)
2Daw Nilar AungAssociate ProfessorM.Sc.(Chems)
3Daw Kyu Kyu SeinAssociate ProfessorM.Sc.(Phys)
4Daw Latt Latt NweAssociate ProfessorM.Sc.(Maths)
5Daw Sandar LinnAssociate ProfessorMESP
6Daw Kwyal Kwyal OoLecturerM.Sc.(Maths)
7Daw Su Yee HlaingLecturerM.Sc.(Phys)
8Daw Wme Min ThanLecturerM.A (Eng.)
9Daw Thandar Aung Assistant Lecturer M.A(Myna)
10Daw Wai Wai KhaingAssistant LecturerM.Sc.(Chems)

Teachers of Academic Department

  • Myanmar

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

  • Physics
  • Practical Activities