(b)         Electrical Power Engineering Department

              Government Technical Institute (Chauk) with the great tradition prospect warmly accepts the students who are well selected in accordance with the standard instruction by Head of Technical Vocational Education and Training. According to three many institutional engineering subjects. According to three years G.T.I courses, our department also teaches theory and practical session well.

              Basic Analogue Electronic, Basic Electrical and Workshop are taught to first year Electrical Power Students. Moreover, principle Electrical Technology is also taught and trained to first year mechanical students.

              Electrical Machine, Electrical Wiring, Transmission and Distribution and Electrical Circuit Analysis are also taught to second year electrical power engineering students. Electrical Machine subject is also taught to second year electronic communication students by our department.

              There are five majors for Third year electrical power engineering students. They are Electrical Estimating, Electrical Machine Control , Safety and Protection , Electrical Machine and Transmission and Distribution.

              For job opportunity, students can apply to respective department and company. Moreover, they can go and seek for more great jobs to foreign countries.

1Daw Thin Thin MyintAssociate ProfessorBE(EP)Q
2U Win OoLecturerLLB A. GTI (EP)
3U Thein SoeLecturerAGTI (EP)
4Daw Thandar WinLecturerBE(EP)Q
5Daw Nilar KhaingLecturerBE(EP)Q
6Daw Htar Htar AyeLecturerAGTI (EP)
7Daw Hnin Ei Kyaw LecturerBE(EP)Q
8Daw Moht Moht ThanLecturerBE(EP)Q
9Daw Yin Yin NaingLaboratory Expert-1AGTI (EP)
10U Yan Naing TunAssistant LecturerBE(EP)
11 Daw May Phyo New TutorBE(EP)Q
12 Daw Min Min Myat TutorBE(EP)Q
13Daw Mon Mon HtayLaboratory Expert-2AGTI (EP)
14Daw Myat Wai OoLaboratory Expert-4AGTI (EP)

Teaching Subjects

Subjects of First Year
Engineering Science
Basic Electricity
Basic Analog Electronic
Basic Tecnical Drawing
Subjects of Second Year
Mechanical Engineering Fundamental
Electrical Machine
Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Electrical Wiring Design & illustration
Subjects of Third Year
Electrical Safety & Protection
Electrical Machine
Industrial Motor Control
Electrical Estimation
Transmission & Distribution